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  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/A-D (3126d) [ A ]
    ...he default skin from the "append" menu of the MenuBar. It is no longer in the MenuBar, as the edit command is more convenient. amazon Plugin type (Command type) Inline type Block type Importance * Synopsis &amazon( ASIN ); #amazon #ama...
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/L-N (3833d) [ L ]
    ... skin of default may display page (MenuBar) for the menu at the left of the pag...y the page named hogeMenu instead of MenuBar, only the page named hoge can usually be achieved on the site where MenuBar is displayed by the thing described # menu(hog...
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/O-R (3833d) [ O ]
    ... sense to place this plugin in the MenuBar, the skin, etc. P paint Plugin type ... The typical examples are FrontPage, MenuBar, etc. true, false - whether to use t... counted is to put the plugin in the Menubar or the skin. R random Plugin type (Com...
  • PukiWiki​/1.4​/Manual​/Plugin​/S-U (3833d) [ S ]
    ... #showrss( RSS_location [,[default|menubar|recent] [,[cache_timeout] [,1 ]]] ) ...ult'. default - simple list of pages menubar - display a bullet before the page name (useful in a page like MenuBar, which has a limit in page width) recent - display ...

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